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Reward Points

By shopping on this website you earn reward points with every order.  You must be logged in (not checkout as a guest) to receive points.

The number of points you receive depends on the value of the items you order. Points are credited when your order is paid for.

Points will be valid for 1 year and after that any unused points will be cancelled.

Spending Reward Points

Spend your points at any time, for any purchase. When you add products to your cart will it show you how many are available and just click apply points.

Terms & Conditions

    Points are only valid on Moto One & MX Shop sites and cannot be exchanged for cash.
    Your points never expire, so you can use them whenever you like.
    Points must be used at checkout only and cannot be used retrospectively or on phone or postal orders.
    You cannot recommend someone living at the same address.
    Only one account can be created per customer and any abuse of this is strictly against our rules.
    We have sophisticated customer tracking software and any fraudulent use of the programme will result in deletion of all related accounts and removal of all points.
    We have the right to remove any points at any time.
    For questions about reward points, please contact our Customer Service Team.